Shushant Singh Death Astrology Reason Astrologically

sushant singh death analysis astrologically

Shushant Singh Death Reason Analysis Cuspalinterlinks Astrolgy

  • Sushant Singh Rajput death astrology reason The longevity of life means span of life from birth till death. To determine the span of life of a native is one of the most important but a complex topic of Astrology.
  • The Ascendant of the native is formed at the moment of birth with the inter play of Sun and Moon. Sun is Soul , and the life-giving planet and Moon is Mind and Prakriti. The Ascedant ,
  • thus, indicates the quantum of energy apportioned to the native when soul has incarnated. Thus the Sub-sub lord of the Ascedant that rules at the time of birth of the native deduces the quantum of life force with which a person is born. While 8th house shows Longivity.

Calculating Longevity Through Cuspal Interlinks

  • According to the Principle of BHAVT –BHAVAM ie whatever you study from a Bhava with respect to Ascedant, you should also study the same from the Bhava(ie 8th house) to 8th house . We need to study the 8th from the 8th house and that is 3rd house and is also to be read for that aspect of native!s life. The twelveth house from any house is its negation, dissolution. Thus 12th house from Ascdet is in the natal chart stands for the end of life.
  • Therefore, the houses 1, 3 and 8 are the houses of Longivity and the houses 12th to these houses will be houses of dissolutions. Therefore, houses 2,7,and 12 are called Marka Houses. Other than Marka houses 2 and 7 , our ancients have suggested that Badhka sthana plays a very important role in deciding Longivity of the native. For char lagan it is 11th house and fixed lagan it is 9th house and for common signs it is 7th house.
  • The span of life in general is taken as 100 years. The short, medium and long life is analysed in relationship which 1,3, and 8th house. Sub-Sub lord makes with Marka and Badhaka sthna . This division of into short, medium and long life is arbitrary.
  • LONG LIFE ( BEYOND 66 YEARS): If the Sub sub lord of 1, 3 and 8th houses becomes significators of 1,3,5,8, 9 and 11.(9 not for fixed ascdt. And 11th for Moveable ascdt.) the native is destined to live long life.subject to the condition that the Sub lord of the Sub Sub Lord of the Ascdt.does not links with the houses that negate the position of Star Lord position.
  • MEDIUM SPAN OF LIFE (I.E. BETWEEN 33 TO 66 YEARS): If the sub sub lord of 1,3, and 8th houses becomes significators of both Marka houses as well as houses of Longivity , the native is destined to have medium span of life.


  • SHORT LIFE ( i.e. UP TO 33 YEARS): If the Sub-sub lord of 1,3,8th houses becomes the fruitful significators of 2,and 7th 12houses and Badhkasthna houses the life of the native is short subject to the condition that its sub lord does not makes link with the houses that will negate the Star position.

sushant singh rajput death astrology reason & sushant singh rajput predictions

sushant singh Horoscope

NAME: SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT Sushant Singh Rajput predictions
DATE OF BIRTH: 21/01/1986
Sushant Singh Rajput death : 14/06/2020

TRANSIT ON 14/06/2020


  • Sushant Singh Rajput death astrology reason The Chart of Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide on 14.06.2020. It is seen from the above chart whether the longivity was Short or Medium and Long or full age, The same can be seen from the Sub sub lord of Ascdet., 3rd and 8th house individually to which category they are confirming. The analysis from each is given as under;
  1. Ascdt SSl Lord is RAHU
    Star Lord Sub Lord Sub Sub Lord Result
    Rahu/ Ketu Mer Mer
    1, 3, 9
    2, 7, 12. 3/6 3/6 Medium Age
  2. 3rd SSL MOON
    3 N 5
    2,7 n 12 1/8.2,7,11,12 2,7,11,12 Medium Age
  3. 8th SSL VENUS
    1/8/5/2/7/11/12 1/9/2/7/12 2/7/11/12 Medium Age

conclusion On sushant singh rajput death cuspalinterlinks astrology reason

  • Sushant Singh Rajput death astrology reason It is seen from the above analysis that his longivity falls under the category of Medium age. The SSLords of all three 1st, 3rd and 8th are connected both with the longivity houses ie. 1,3,5,8 and 9 houses as well as Marka houses 2, and 7 and Badhka house ie 11 n 12 house.
  • Sushant Singh Rajput death astrological reason So it is confirmed from above all the three are falling under the category of Medium Age. As per his date of birth on the date of death was more than 34 years of age ie above 33 years of short age.

Let us now examine the Death Sushant Singh Rajput death astrology reason how it has happened as per rules.


To see death of a person is a very difficult task. Normally it is not permitted astrologically to tell the death date for any person, as it causes undue worry for him. Only in very rare cases where it becomes necessary can be worked out. The death of a person normally caused by a Planet called Markesh. There are two houses ie 2nd and 7th house is called Marka Bhavas.

To see death in Sub-sub Inter cuspal theory, the most important condition is that the death takes place only in a particular Dasa whose lord is linked or appear as a coo-ruling planets either in Ist house or 8th house or Badhka house.

The Dasa lord should be linked with 8th house Sub Sub lord, either appearing itself or is linked through its star lord or with Badkha house SSL.

Maha Dasa Lord should be significator of death ie the Star of Dasa lord appear in Ist house and sub lord is in 8th house and simultenously linked with either with 2nd or 7th or badhka house. It can be vice versa also ie star lord may be in 8th house and sub lord is in Ist house and also linked with Markesh and Badhkas also.

Dasa Lord may appear either in Ascedant or in 8th House and commits to Marka and Badhka house. Sub-sub lord of Dasa lord has to be in 8th or Marka or Badhka house.

If the Dasa lord is one of the ruling planets in Ascedant or 8th house and is significator of Marka and Badhka house then this Dasa lord can give death also.

Dasa Lord can allow happening of significant events in its own Bhukti/Antra and Prayantra if it is a significator of Primary and supporting cusps that take part in happening the event. Sub sub lord of the dasa lord should appear in relevant cusps.


Bhukti lord can provide only which the Dasa lord permit. In other words Bhukti may cause the event to happen only if Dasa lord is not linked to those houses which negate the happening of that event.

Bhukti Lord should be significator of Primary cusps directly or indirectly.

Bhukti lord can allow an event to happen in its Antra if Bhukti lord signifies Primary and supporting cusps.


Antara lord can allow only those events which Dasa and Bhukti Lords permit.

Antara lord has to be a significator of the Primary and supporting cusps.

Similarly the Sookshma and Prana dasa lords be significators of the events as discussed above.

NOW TRANSIT cuspalinterlinks astrology ROLES IS TO BE SEEN For Sushant Singh Rajput death astrology reason

Sushant Singh Rajput death astrology reason Saturn is known as the Planet of Longivity. Therefore for death cases Saturn transit has to be seen. The sign in which Saturn is transiting should be having the same conditions as that of Maha Dasa Lord. The sign lord of Saturn should be a co-ruling planets in Ist/8th or Badhka house.

The sign lord should be linked with the SSLord of 8th house sub sub lord or Badhka house. Either by appearing itself or is linked through its star lord. Finally it should be linked / or significator of death ie involving at Star level with Ist house and sub lord by 8th house and Vice versa also with Marka and Badhka houses.

Then the Nakshtra lord, sublord and sub sub lord of Saturn sign should also satisfy the same condition for causing death.

Finally, it has to be seen that all dasa lords from Maha Dasa Lords till Prana lords transit has to be seen and are significator of death houses.

Finally the Transit of Sun is to be seen for fixing the month for the event to happen and its Nakshtra lord to cut down the time for 13 days and sub lord to fix a day and subsub lord particular hour on a day.

Moon transit is seen to fix a pd of 2 days and its Nakshtra for a particular day and sub and subsub lord to fix a particular time for happening of the event.

It is somewhat a cumbersum exercise, but working out of death is itself a very difficult to predict.

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