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Ask A Question Service Gives You Freedom To Choose A Single Question Just Starting From Rupees 499/- Only You Can Enjoy This Service In Three Diffrent Ways.

  1. You Can Consult Through Mail /Whats app
  2. You Can Consult On Phone
  3. You Can Consult One To One Meetings

Kindly Note : Only 1 specific question from one horoscope, No subjective questions






Ask A Question Amit Kaushik Astrology
Ask A Question Amit Kaushik Astrology
  Ask A Question Service Gives You Freedom To Choose A Single Question  Only You Can Enjoy This Service In Three Diffrent Ways.

  1. You Can Consult Through Mail /Whats app
  2. You Can Consult On Phone
  3. You Can Consult One To One Meetings

Kindly Note : Only 1 specific question from one horoscope, No subjective questions

Kindly Note : Ask A Question Text Only  Service,Report Is Only Available Through Email,Whats App Or Text Mesegs Only 

66 reviews for Ask a Question Text Only

  1. Puneet prakash

    Perfect sir you are awesome do recommend

  2. Vineet garg

    Verry nice service detailed info

  3. Ravi mahajan

    Exactly he told through the condition I was facing thanks for the guidance

  4. Sanjay balaji

    Love your report it was exactly predicted

  5. Savita Keshwani

    verry nice sir exactly you predicted thanks for the report

  6. pragati sharma

    I liked your prediction very much. Very he told in detail.

  7. Parul taneja

    It’s a great talking to you sir. My doubts are clarified and I am satisfied. You have a great knowledge.

  8. Gauri dixit

    Thank you sir for giving such a great predictions…all doubts are cleared. Amazing and positive conversation.

  9. Shreya bhatnagar

    Very nice.. clearly explained everything. Thankyou sir

  10. Lakshay arora

    He is very soft spoken. I will always cunsult him from now. Thanks amit sir

  11. Seema devi

    Sir you are really good in astrology. It was amazing experience with sir.

  12. Ishan gandhi

    Top class astrologer. Highly recommend

  13. Dinesh joshi

    Must consult. Very accurate and precise

  14. Yogesh mann

    Accurate predictions

  15. Anjali dugar

    My mom recommended this to me. This website is just wow. He cleared all my doubts. Thankyou sir

  16. Anita Mishra

    Thank you Amit ji for your valuable prediction . It was satisfying and nice talking to you. Appreciate it .

  17. Mannu aggarwal

    Excellent…… Thank you sir 😊

  18. Rani gupta

    Mind blowing analysis.

  19. Usha kapur

    awesome predictions

  20. Aryan bhatt

    Very good knowledge of astrology.🙏🏻

  21. Shiva

    Omg! Really genuine person and he made me confident during discussion itself

  22. Mamta Kumar

    Highly recommended Guruji thank you for your guidance.

  23. Kabir biswas

    Outstanding. thankyou for your guidence sir

  24. Varsha arya

    Very accurate. highly recommend!

  25. Manav nair

    Very knowledgeable accurate. Must consult at least once

  26. Anushka

    So polite and accurate predictions.

  27. Parth Pandey

    Guruji always there to keep you in right track. He is simply awesome.

  28. Raunak Gour

    Very good astrologer. He is just amazing in Astrology. THANKYOU sir for solving my problem.

  29. Ved rana

    Thankyou sir. I will recommend this website to my family

  30. Shivam negi

    Thank you sir. Nice consultation with you

  31. Mohit badoni

    Perfect prediction with date and timeline. Awesome astrologer. doesn’t drag time for money . Very clear for problem Vs solutions

  32. Arjun Solanki

    Awesome prediction 👍🏻😊

  33. Varsha dutt

    This consultation was so good.

  34. Tanisha

    Sir I hope the things good nice again. Your predictions come true.

  35. Parth Agarwal

    It was an amazing session. I am really feeling positive.

  36. Shikha ahuja

    I am feeling positive after consulting you

  37. Yashika tuteja

    Oh my god literally a nice astrologer ever seen. I was searching for an astrologer since last few days. Thank you sir.

  38. Sanya deol

    Very nice reading and production. very knowledgeable. will call again thanks so much

  39. Jaya

    So polite and intelligent. highly recommended

  40. Nikki Gupta

    Thank you Amit ji aap se kafi kuch suna achcha laga.🙏🏻

  41. Rakesh Singh

    So Soft spoken. thank you sir for helping me.

  42. Khushi

    Really thankful to Amit Ji.

  43. Prince singh

    I am consulting with Amit Ji since last 5 years and it was so good experience.

  44. Ankit jain

    Excellent and analysis, what he prediction actually came true. highly recommend for consultation.

  45. Laksh

    Oh my goodness. I found a astrologer I was searching for since many many days. THANKYOU sir it was a good experience with you 👌👍🏻🙏🏻

  46. Swarna

    He told me through the planet positions. Such a great astrologer

  47. Gayatri bhardwaj

    Nice to confirm with you sir. thank you

  48. Rita Arora

    Very nice session. hoping his predictions for future will came true. past reading was very good thank you 😌

  49. Raja Tiwari

    Thank you for the details and patient explanation of the outgoing situation Thank you.

  50. Lokesh

    Sir it was a great something with you. I am so glad I found your website.

  51. Lokesh

    Sir it was a great consultatuion with you. I am so glad i found your website.

  52. Tanushee

    Sir thank you so much it was literally a great experience with you. You are soft spoken, polite,humble and have a good knowledge of astrology.

  53. Rana rao

    Excellent and explain everything very clear.

  54. Harsh bajaj

    No lie, I am so satisfied with the prediction

  55. Shyama kumari

    They make me sure that everything will be nice after 1 year. Hope your predictions come true sir.

  56. Richa mehta

    Very patient he makes sure I understand everything .very clear with his reading. thank you

  57. Manisha

    Truly recommend.

  58. Gunjan sharma

    He is point to point. Great work Amit ji.

  59. Vrinda

    Do not think too much just go for him. You are on Right place.👍🏻👍🏻

  60. Chaitanya joshi

    Really good !!explains everything in detail and helps you. A advised to everyone who want to consult him go for it don’t think analysis horoscope. Thank you so much sir.

  61. Raj Pandey

    Thank you answered all questions very well and politely

  62. Ankur nair

    Very Nice ,deep knowledge and perfect advice.

  63. Rohan Patel

    A very good and positive conversations. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  64. Deepak Kapoor

    100% correct information. I also suggest him for other people. it was very good to talk to you sir . thank you so much.

  65. Rekha mehta

    Very nice conversation.

  66. Sonja

    Thanks for the great information for us.
    King regards,
    Mead Raahauge

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