10 Amazing Benefits Of Peacock Painting Vastu Astrology

peacock painting vastu Astrology

The signification of Of Peacock Painting Vastu Astrology

  • peacock painting Vastu Astrology in Vastu signifies ‘Power and Success’. peacock painting is useful as per Vastu Shastra And this painting in your house or workplace ends up in a lot of success and power in your Life additionally & profession.
  • peacock painting is additionally a Symbol of speed Vitality And Power hence peacock painting is often placed in the office for an early job promotion. it’s believed that peacock painting in your home results in financial stability in your life.
  • Peacock Painting Vastu Shastra, peacock painting in Vastu is crucial. These Are Subjected from the peacock painting direction the door of our homes And face to the sort of various symbols and Statue Icons we place within the house.
  • these play a Vital Role in harnessing positive energy in our lives. One crucial part of Vastu Shastra is the running horse symbol Itself.
  • The peacock painting can balance Chi energy in your house. The symbol of a peacock painting, particularly Two peacock painting, symbolizes success, peace, and progress consistent with Vastu Shastra.

Peacock Painting Vastu direction in home

peacock painting vastu Astrology
peacock painting vastu Astrology
  • peacock painting Vastu direction Correct And Benefic Direction For peacock painting astrology.
  • The South Direction Of your house Associates with success & fame. south wall in the home/office is Best for seven horse painting
  • peacock painting Vastu – The South Direction in your house Associates with success & fame. south wall in the home/office is Best for peacock painting . If South Wall not Available. East Wall Considered With Judgment Of Horoscope of the Native.

Diffrent Types Of peacock painting vastu Astrology In Market

  • As per vaastu, one should keep a peacock feather which is popularly referred to as mor pankh near their locker.
  • The peacock feather is claimed to draw in wealth and provides stability Also To Eliminate Insects Like Lizards & Other Smaal Insects .
  • peacock painting vastu shastra Peacock is additionally related to beauty. Painting of a stunning peacock in dancing position kept within the front room will add beauty, elegance and a charm to your front room .
  • Peacock feather is additionally very effective in removing any kind of negative energies or Vaastu dosh within the house.
  • Proper care should be taken that the peacock feathers which are getting used for removing Vaastu dosh of any particular room shouldn’t be treated sort of a showpiece.
  • Dust shouldn’t be allowed to choose top of it in the least. this is often particularly necessary because it is getting used for a few special reasons in your house.
  • In the past peacock feather was used as a drug in removing the poison from one’s body. this is often the rationale why a peacock feather is additionally related to health and well being.
  • Peacock feather also maintains the hygiene of the house because it is claimed to be helpful in shooing away lizards from the house.
  • A lovely peacock painting within the bedroom is taken into account to extend the intimacy ad understanding of the couple.
  • The picture or showpiece or painting of the peacock should be kept just ahead of the door in order that it takes away bad omen and negative energies o any sort right at the doorway of the bedroom.
Significance of peacock painting vastu Astrologicaly
peacock painting vastu Astrology
peacock painting vastu Astrology

peacock painting vastu shastra Peacock Is Connected With The Vehicle Of Lord Murgan (Kartikey ) So it Carries Spirituality. Also, The Qualities Of Warrior Because Peacock Kills Snakes. Therefore Peacock Painting When Used Help In eliminating Hidden Enemies Or Direct Enemies.

Peacock Painting Used As Vastu Enhancement Can Eliminate Enemies Also Help In Killing Unwanted Diseases, Diseases Are Also Our Hidden Enemies.

As Said Above Peacock Carry The Energies Of Venus As a Vehicle Of Lord Lord Murgan (Kartikey ) And Energies Of Mars As a Warrior .

  • White Colour Peacock Represents Planet Moon
  • Black Colour Peacock Represents Planet Satrun
  • Green Colour Peacock Represents Planet Mercury
  • Orange Colour Horse Represents Planet Sun
  • Without Proper Horoscope Analysis One Should Avoid Placing The Painting. A Good Astrologer Must Study The horoscope For Strongest And Weakest Planets. Before Any Consultation And Suggestion

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