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My Views Amit Kaushik Astrologer

Astrology is A Pure Science For Mankind To Perform Right Karmas & To Enhance Intelligence Life Mind & Soul .

Astrology Is A Divine Literature Of Knowledge And Light

My views astrology is the most venerable, adorable subject of light (Prakash) from very primal times. And still holds that dignity. But also a subject of controversy and disgrace due to malpractices, half-knowledge, and immaturity of so-called astrologers in the society. Astrology is a limb, a part of Vedas. Astrology is known as an eye (Chakshu) of Vedas. The word ‘jyoti’ of Jyotish Shastra is derived from the word Prakash – light, which provides light in the darkness. Hence, Astrology is literature of knowledge and light.

My views Amit Kaushik Astrologer

Astrology: My Views Is Divine Science Why It is Science ..?

Science Means Some Special Type Of Knowledge, Every Science Has Four Major Parts -Study, Experiments, Research & Observation If Any Part is Missing Or Absent Than It Can Not Be Reckoned As Science -Astrology Is Also a Science Divine Science Originated /Created By Lord Brahmma -Knowledge Of Future Happenings Can Be Achieved In Advance Only Through Astrology Time Can be Fixed Of Happenings Through The Time Cycle From Different Divisional Charts And Different Time Cycles Using Different Dasha Systems For The individual & Other Current Affairs and Worldy Matters & At Last Astrology Open The Doors To Libration That Is The Beauty Of This Divine Science.

My Views Amit Kaushik Astrologer

Astrology Is Totally A Study Of Karmic And Spiritual Principles

Lord Krishna Clearly Stated This In The Holy Book Gita Karmanu Bandhani Manushyaloke Means Each & Every Person In this World Is bound And bind/ Governed By His Acts Known As Karma.
All Our Seven Sages The Great Intellectuals Saptrishi Were Believing In This Theory & Philosophy Of Karmas, According to The Different Principles Of Astrology And Time Cycle Which Was Founded By Them.

Which is Governing The Life Of Living Persons- One May Believe In Previous Birth And Karmas Or May Not It Does Not Make Any Difference In The Series Of Happening Of Future Events – The Complete Subject Astrology Is Based on the Theory Of Karmas And Spiritual Principles That Are Universal And Applicable to All. Therefore An astrologer Must Guide Peoples Through Spirituality Instead OF Stupidity Missguidance & Frauds

My Views Amit Kaushik Astrologer

Astrology Can Tell You The Problem & Spirituality Can Guide You How To Over Come That

There Are no Shortcuts In Spiritual World, A Soul Must Learn All The Lessons Of Life And to Become More Developed More Aware & At Last Enlightenment, By Skipping Imp Lessons Of your Life How Can you Develop Its Like you Have Bunked your Classes And You Are Still Not Fully Learned & Developed.

My Views Amit Kaushik Astrologer

If A machine Stops Working That Means There Is Some Problem Inside With its Mechanism Same If a Problem Arrives In your Life It Tells That There Is Some Problem With you Something Have to Be Changed.

Something Have To Be Learned Problems are Itself a Hint A solution a Lesson For You to Develop Further In Spiritual Material And Emotional World.

It’s up to You To Learn & Get Developed or Keep Bunking The Lessons By Different Stupid And Unconventional Manner And Pass That Time Frame Which Was Allotted By Supreme TO Make You More Developed And Sincere.

My Views Amit Kaushik Astrologer

Supreme Always Loves You Like a Father He Wants You To Develop By Providing Lessons Challenges So-Called Problems In your Life And That Is Easily Decoded By Divine Science Astrology.

I Don’t Believe In Showcasing Purchased Certificates & Awards, My Work My Predictions Are My validations to Confirm My Work & Acquired Knowledge.

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