Gobal Job recession Astrological Predictions 2018 2019 2020 2021 2023

job recession

Job recession Astrological Predictions Next Global Job recession In 2023

in hunt for acche din astrological predictions i found #job_recession may hit by march-april 2019 each nd every human being will be effected in his/her proffesion job career many people’s can loose their jobs suddenly. this job recession may continue throughout year 2019 and can effect in long term till 2022

by Amit Kaushik

Some News To Validate The Predictions August 2019

Next Job Next Job recession Comming In 2023

Good News Comming 👍 I Also Confirmed This In My Previous Post also & The mega Rs 20 lakh crore package Was Announced by Prime minister On Perfect TImings As Per The Given Prediction .

now Again Anytime After November Upswing Can Be seen Or Some Other Packege Etc For Economy Boost Rapid Development In Jobs Sector Business Sector Can BE seen With Lot Of Hurdels .

But The Above Effects Can Be Only Seen For Few Months only From November 2020 to May 2021 Economy Will Then Remain In Humpty Dumpty Condition After May Slowly Gdp Will Start Droping ,Share Market Can Fluctuate With Major Ups & Downs- Invested Money Will Be Drained Out Very Fast .

Maximum Peoples Will Be Under Loans & Credit This Humpty Dumpty Economy Will Then Continue with Ups And Down And Will Fall Badly Again in Year 2022-2023 After April/May Anytime -I had Predicted This TImings In My Previous Post In Year 2018 Also Pasting snapshot with this post I Will Further Write & Calcuate Further Picture Sometime In Year 2022 Again

job recession 2023
job recession

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