India Real Estate Astrological Predictions & Covid 19 Virus

Virus Predicions india 2020

Satrun Is now The Captain In his Own Sign Capricorn ,Jumbo Jupitor Desperately Wants To join The Captain In Ushadha Nakshatr GOvern By Lord Sun To Perform The Duites Alloted To Them by The Supreme from date 1/04/2020. Real Estate Market Will Witness Dazzling Upswing ,Finance & Economy Will Come To Better State As Compared To Last Year -All These Effects Can Be Observed From Mid 2020 And Boombastic Changes Form End 2020 -Yes One Episode Of Job Recession Job Cut Will BE witnessed After May TO Mid September Any Time but Situation Will not Go As Bad As They Appear There will be opportunities there comming -Unfortunatly I Predicted About a Virus Attack In My Previous Predictions In november 2019 The Future Picture For That not seems Heart-Warming There Will be Danger To Population Till 2021 End . Episodes of Mass Deaths /Group Deaths Can be In news Due To Virus /War Between Two Countries or Any Other Reason Responsible For Mass Killing Till 2021 End…..

BY Amit Kaushik

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