India Astrology Predictions Year 2022 will Have a Great Welcome News of Relaxation

india Astrology Predictions Year 2022

India Astrology Predictions Year 2022

India Astrology Predictions Year 2022
India Astrology Predictions Year 2022

india Astrology Predictions Year 2022

india Astrology Predictions Year 2022 -All the calculations are based on India horoscope ,Before writing the storyline for the year 2022 let me discuss some possibilities which would take place during this current year which is 2021. In my previous post, I had written about the mass Migration of people & that happened at the exact time . Once again, there is a  very strong possibility of mass migration on a huge scale due to violence natural calamities or maybe due to political instability. This could be observed in India and other countries as well.

 Also, just from Mid November 2021 to April 2022, there is a lurking danger in water-bound areas. There is a great possibility of some great accident or happening taking place in the water-bound area, till March 2022.

Next,  I would like to write about Communication System.We noticed a few days ago how Mark Zuckerberg’s companies faced an outage for a few hours which gave him a loss of billions…Similarly, gear up for Internet Failure And Jio Network Faliur

In my last year’s predictions, I had categorically mentioned the same that Communication System will be badly affected this year Also Natural Resources Like Coal and Gas Can be Effected And Crunched . We have seen the result a few days ago. Coal Shortage all Around The Globe .

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According To Previous Research Study & Present Planetary Equations Assembling Into The Signs Nd Stars All That Are Creating A Matrix Of Possibilities In Comming Future Months,
Communal Riots, Curfews, violence The State Of Emergency & Dangerous War Like Situation Where Masses will Be Controlled by Armed Forces, Strict Restrictions On Public Through Govt And Forces All These Possibilities Are Just Starting From 15th Jan 2022 Till Sept 2022 mainly in the months from March till June , Not An Easy Going Period For Masses & National Peace Will be Disturbed During This Period Not Only For India But Others Countries Arround The Globe .

Also many times, there have been collapses of  Facebook,  Insta, and What’s app servers.Many mobile towers were destroyed during the protest by farmers. Now in the upcoming year also,  especially after April,  there could be problems with the  Communication System till year-end.

india Astrology Predictions Year 2022 Now 2022 will ve a great Welcome News of  Relaxation from Ongoing Virus Spread.The year 2022 is not going to be as horrible as the two gone by years 2020 and 2021.Yes, the year 2022 will see an increase in Brain & Neuro Problems, cases of Chronic Heart Problems will rise, Stroke, Kidneys Urinary System, Sexual Organs,  Bones and Gyane Problems for Females, and especially Fertility Problems will be on the rise.

The year 2023 could be horrific too in terms of new virus and global job recession Still more details to find out & Calculate ,I will Write About Coming 2023 Sometime Later.

 india Astrology Predictions Year 2022
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