Attract Wealth Prosperity By Elephant As Painting At Your Home

elephant painting at home vastu astrology

elephant painting at home Vastu astrology

elephant painting at home Vastu astrology: elephants have excellent significance in home décoration. An Ancient practice & Study of positioning things in your surroundings, This principle balances the yin and yang and maintains the flow of chi. An elephant symbolizes Buddha and therefore the Lord Ganesha to bring home strength, good Fortune, and harmony in family relationships. Hence, all of these Positive Effects Can be achieved as long as an elephant’s statue or pictures are utilized in a Proper And particular way at certain Directions And places.
Also, a standard belief is that each sort of this animal you employ should have its trunk facing upwards for positive results.

Where to place elephant Painting at home Vastu Astrology?

elephant painting at home vastu astrology
elephant painting at home vastu astrology

elephant painting Vastu Astrology In Vatu shastr elephants are Known to act as saviours and protectors, placing the statues at the front entrance is taken into account to be lucky. you’ll place a pair of elephants if your home as a good entrance, facing inwards. If you would like to protect your home from evil or negative energy, you’ll place it facing outwards, consistent with principle .

elephant painting Vastu Astrology According to Vastu, hang a painting of elephants within the bedroom, for strengthening your relationship together with your spouse. you’ll also place a pair of elephants within the sort of a statue or painting or maybe cushion covers.

elephant painting Vastu Astrology Hanging elephant paintings within the classroom or office, is additionally considered lucky. choose a mother-child combination of elephants, if you would like to hold one in your children’s room. consistent with principle , you’ll also place the figure within the sort of wallpaper or toys, to strengthen their knowledge and improve their focus level. If possible, keep the Painting Or The Statue on the study table.

The north and therefore the east corner are considered ideal, for the location of elephant symbols and paintings.

Astrological Significance of the elephant painting Vastu Astrology

elephant painting at home vastu astrology
elephant painting at home vastu astrology

If you’re trying to find growth in your career, place an elephant figurine at the workstation. you’ll keep an image of an elephant in your work diary or work stationery, to reinforce your leadership qualities and improve your performance struggling . If you’re a businessman, you’ll keep an elephant statue ahead of the most door. The elephant symbolises wisdom and power, when placed within the work environment. Its presence will energise your career and business.

According to principle , while a raised elephant trunk symbolizes good mood, a trunk that down means focus and sensuality. The trunk within the downward direction represents ability to unravel challenges and longevity. Contrary to popular belief, an elephant trunk within the downward direction, doesn’t mean bad luck.

An elephant Painting Or Statue with the trunk in an upward direction, Denotes fortune and success. principle experts also compare the elephant trunk to a vacuum that sweeps negative energy. Therefore, choose an elephant statue that’s holding something sort of a ball or the other such element.

Similarly, as per Vastu, elephant statues with their trunks facing upwards are considered to be very lucky and convey luck to the family. Elephants with their trunks upwards and standing on the rear legs represent power and protection. Two Baby elephants Holding their trunks Together signifies bonding and friendship. If one among the elephants features a tusk and therefore the other doesn’t, it signifies a healthy relationship between males and females. Such statues are believed to possess a positive impact on couples if placed within the bedroom.

elephant painting astrology Points To Note Before Placing elephant painting at home vastu astrology
elephant painting at home vastu astrology
elephant painting at home vastu astrology

elephant painting astrology As Everything On This Planet Are Directly Connected to Planets And Work Under Their Significance It Shuld Be advised to Consult an Astrologer Before Placing Any Images Or Statues In Home Office or Any Other Area .

As Said Above elephant painting astrology Carry The Energies Of Venus As a Vehicle Of Lord Ganesha Planet Mercury Energies Of Mars As a Warrior And jupitor In Horoscope Of The Natove

  • White Colour elephant painting vastu Represents Planet Moon
  • Black Colour elephant painting vastu Represents Planet Satrun
  • Green Colour elephant painting vastu Represents Planet Mercury
  • Orange Colourelephant painting vastu Represents Planet Sun
  • elephant painting astrology Without Proper Horoscope Analysis One Should Avoid Placing The Painting. A Good Astrologer Must Study The horoscope For Strongest And Weakest Planets. Before Any Consultation And Suggestion

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