Virus Was Predicted In October 2019 Astrologicaly

VIrus Predictions

In October 2019 Virus Was Predicted

As You Can See My facebook post A Virus Attack Was Predicted In October 2019 At That time No Body Knows The Words Corona Covid 19 Qurantine etc . Just After a Month In rajisthan In Two Govt Hospitals 300 Infants died That News Was not hiked By Any Media But I Hilighted That Reffring To My Virus Post I am Also Making My Facebook Post embedded for Validity Vericifation Of The Predictions Just Check It

The Predictions

Planets Do Have A language They Feel Happy ,Sad ,Agnry They Carry All The Feelings Too And Astrology Is The Subject To Decode The Language Behaviour Of Planets .
Two Thousand Twenty Planets R Definetly Going To Play T 20 .2020 will start with conflict and will end in conflict
Slowly As 2020 Will Grow Young Another Episode Of Recession Will Jolt The Market Good Thing is That There will Be New Opportunites Comming In Jobs Business Sector -A Conlfilct Antisocial Activites In Mid 2020 -Entire Political System Will be Retreated With Major Changes All Old Patterns Will Be Changed/Replaced With New Plans/Reforms .From November Onward To Mid 2020 May-June Pm Modi Will be In News Getting Maximum Fame Nd Media Hike -There Can Be A Attack Of Unkown Virus That Can Cause Danger To Hundreds Of People- Or There Can be Danger To Some Other Reason -End Of The Year Will Blow Gossips Of War Or Big Conflict 2021 Can be A Year OF War Or A Big Conflict .
Predictions applicable from now onwards

Covid 19 Along With job Recession Predicted

I am Posting My Facebook Profile Links To Validate The Authenticity Of The Predictions Also Check My job Recession Predictions

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