Latest Donald Trump Coronavirus Astrology Predictions 2020

donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions

Let us Now Discuss Donald Trump Coronavirus Astrology Predictions.

Donald trump coronavirus Astrology Predictions
Donald trump coronavirus Astrology Predictions

Donald trump COVID planet Saturn was stationary in 2Cpricorn 20 on Sept 28 night. When stationary planets conjoin/aspect sensitive natal points, important events associated with those can happen. Donald Trump’s natal Rashi chart has Saturn at 1Cn51 and Venus at 3Cn47 and both are closely aspected by stationary Saturn at 2Cp20!

Donald trump coronavirus Astrology Predictions

Donald trump coronavirus Astrology Predictions
Donald trump coronavirus Astrology Predictions
  • In Trump’s natal rashi chart, Donald trump COVID Saturn owns the 6th house (disease, enemies, and fightback) and 7th house (partners), while Venus owns the 3rd house (throat and communication) and 10th house (work). they’re both within the 12th house of confinement/bondage.
  • There is an honest chance for this to become serious and provides serious suffering (though it’s going to not be revealed immediately). However, though Donald Trump Coronavirus has several risk factors, I don’t expect this to be fatal.
  • Instead, I’m concerned about some aged professional partners, e.g. Republican Members, especially in the judiciary Group (note that 7th lord Saturn with 10th lord can show old professional partners). it’s going to be more serious for them and that i won’t be surprised if someone actually loses life.
  • As for Donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions, the positive from this is often that he will get tons of frenzied TV coverage and therefore the negative is that this may derail Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation, ruin the remainder of his electioneering and puncture his “all is well” messaging on the pandemic.
  • Venus are going to be stationary at 3Cp28 and aspect an equivalent natal points on 2020 Dec 19. Around then may come a serious setback in career, culminating the method that started around Sept 28.

Donald Trump Elections & Coronavirus

donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions
donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions
  • We’re now entering the foremost dangerous phase of the Trump presidency. American people will realize that Donald Trump is utterly unsuited to affect the crisis like coronavirus, either intellectually or temperamentally.
  • The COVID-19 attack isn’t Donald Trump’s fault, but the way Donald Trump skilled the COVID-19 attack, raises many eyebrows. Trump ignored repeated warnings from intelligence officials to organize for a coronavirus outbreak, consistent with news reports.
  • As early as January, officials from the CIA and therefore the Office of the Director of National Intelligence sounded the alarm inside the White House. However, Trump disregarded them, fearing that news of an epidemic would hurt the stock exchange ,
  • and his chances of re-election. This has made the united States loose valuable time, and plausibly increased the harm the virus can cause to Americans.
  • the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and therefore the financial market crash might accomplish something that Mueller Investigation and Trump Impeachment couldn’t accomplish. A coronavirus Pendemic would likely end Trump’s Presidency In Comming Years .
  • Coronavirus crisis has depart the ‘slow-motion collapse’ of the Trump presidency. this point Donald Trump cannot pay bribe or change the news cycle.
  • May, June, July this year are very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and therefore the country. we’ll see full blown coronavirus during this era , many of us will die during these months, before things recover after September this year.
donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions
donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions
  • The coronavirus has something to try to to with Rahu’s transit through Taurus in Ardra nakshatra in us astrology chart. Rahu was transit to Ardra nakshatra in Gemini , during the 9/11 attacks, when three thousand Americans were murdered by terrorists. Rahu & Ketu complete their transit of the Zodiac in about 18 ½ years.
  • Rahu Dragon Head has again come to the same position in Gemini , and that we are witnessing Coronavirus attack this point . Since Gemini is that the third sign of the Zodiac, it rules lungs, systema respiratorium . Gemini is additionally an Airy sign, therefore the Coronavirus is transmitted through air by coughing or sneezing by infected person, and it affects the lungs / systema respiratorium .
  • Transit Saturn and Pluto from Capricorn sign are already aspecting natal Saturn and natal Venus in Donald Trump’s astrology chart this year, and therefore the American people are suffering. In my opinion, astrologically we should always have an entire shutdown of the economy, and Americans should occupy home until Assumption this year, only then we could contain this invisible enemy COVID-19.
  • Time Is Comming even harder for Donald Trump after September 24 this year, when Rahu and Ketu will change signs. Rahu will enter Taurus sign, and Ketu Scorpio check in September 24 this year. Rahu will transit natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign, and Ketu will transit natal Moon and natal Ketu in Scorpio check in Donald Trump’s astrology chart between September 24 and November 3 this year, the polling day .
donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions
donald trump coronavirus astrology predictions
  • this may be the time when the 2020 Presidential Election are going to be tilted far away from Donald Trump. So, Donald Trump cannot win the subsequent election. Any foreign interference within the US Presidential Election won’t succeed, because Trump’s time is so bad during this era . During this point, Donald Trump will do his best to postpone the Presidential Election.
  • Please remember October, November, December 2020 are difficult months for Donald Trump’s health and finances also, thanks to Rahu’s transit over the natal position of the ascendant lord Sun in Taurus check-in Donald Trump’s astrology chart. The eclipse on December 14 is falling at 29 degrees in Scorpio sign, very on the brink of Trump’s natal Moon, natal Ketu, and opposite his natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign.
  • I cannot make any comments about vice chairman Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders’s astrology charts, as their birth times available on the internet are unverified, and don’t have AA ratings. The KP astrology system that i exploit works as long as the birth time is accurate and has AA rating. it’s like Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee.
  • This is an early Astrology Perception/ Predictions of the 2020 Presidential Election. we’ll see whether Donald Trump succeeds in postponing the Presidential Election thanks to coronavirus.
  • the ultimate astrology prediction is going to be given in the last week of October 2020. you’ll see astrology updates from me within the coming months. Please scroll right down to attend the newest Trump Astrology updates to ascertain the newest astrology updates, after the date this text is published.

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