Delay & Break In Married Life An Cuspal Interlinks Astrological Theory

Delay & Break In Married Life An Cuspal Interlinks Astrological Theory


This is a very important topic to be frequently asked by the clients before going to ceremonies the marriage agreement or say go for Engagement, This needs to be seen from the Ascedant and 7th House SSL. In cuspal theory the thumb rule for getting married are the houses 5th, 7th and 11th are linked with Ascdt and 7th SSL directly or indirectly. Directly means the Primary House of marriage is 7th House (Permanent house of sex} is linked with the star lord and sub lord and sub sub lord in either 5th or 11th house respectively without involment of Negative houses ie.2,4,6,10 and 12th houses. If the above combination is with both positive houses means 5,7 and 11th houses and also with negative houses as well like 4,6 and 10th houses then we can say there may be problems first in the getting of marriage done in time or delayed or some unexpected problems. Finally the married life may not lead to a happy married life. It can be said the Quality of married life is not good and if the dasa period of such a nature only lined with negative houses may lead to first temporary separation and later to a Divorce stage.
The reason for difficulty, delay and likely problems to arise in finalizing early or timely marriage may be as under:

  1. House No.2.
    This house is 8th position from the 7th huse of marriage. If the Star lord of Ascedant and 7th house Sub Sub lord is lined with 7th house and sub lordis in 2nd house means 8th position from its star position, This is not a good position which may cause delay denial disturbance and un anticipated problems likely Finance, From Relatives Health like Height voice etc, 8th house being house of Longivity , death, accident and Markes house not acceptable good for marriage.
  2. House no.4: House of Domestic sukh. It has no relevance at the time of marriage, But this house is 12th house from 5th house of Social Courtship, Magnetic attraction, Love and romance, chemistry, compability, equation, attitude and appitude etc will be defeated.
  3. House No.6: !2th house from 7th house of marriage. Not acceptabele by the bride groom or bride.
  4. House 10th: 12th from 11th house fulfillment of desire,Like not acceptable by elder co borns , not working in MNCs, or elderly age etc.
  5. In the given chart I will discuss all the issues involved for unhappy married life and later leads for divorce.
delyed break marrige

In this chart Ascedant SSL Lord is Saturn, It is in the Star of Jupitor and sub of Rahu and sub sub in Sat
Star is 5th house {shows tendancy for love n Romance}and 11th house.
Sub lord Rah is in 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 10th and 12th.
This shows both positive and more negative houses,
7th House SSL is Sun {PS} Star Venus and sun both and sub lord is Jupitor
Sun is in 7th house . Venus is in 6th,10thand12th houses
Sub Lord Jupter is is in 2nd4th, 5th 12th .
Now Dasa is Running of Mercury and Antra of Saturn
Mer in the star of Mer in 5th house and sub lord is Rahu which is 4,6,7,9,10,12.
Antra Saturn as above.discussed.
This has proved a unhappy married life and likely to lead divoce.

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