How Astrology Predicted Early Cat Que Virus Outbreak

cat que virus astrology predictions

Cat Que Virus Early Astrology Predictions

  • Cat Que virus Astrology Predictions. we are still struggling with the coronavirus pandemic & Now Cat Que Virus. The Cat Que virus Arise In-between This COVID Pandemic.
  • Astrology Is A Beautifull And Unique Tool To Predict Future Events For Native predictions & Mundane Astrology predictions. For Countries, Cites, Commodities predictions, Wat Natural Calamities Etc.
  • You Can Find Mundane Astrology Predictions On My Blog On Various Mundane Matters Like War Conflicts Natural Calamities And Other Matters Of Concern to Society.
  • Still, There is No hope To Recover From This Pandemic. Ither Vaccine Or Other Medial Press Report Confirm The End Of This Pandemic. Since last Year I In October 2019 I Predicted A Possible Virus Attack.
  • I am Posting The Post Link & Snapshot Of cat que virus predictions. To Confirm The Correctness Of The Predictions You Can Visit my Facebook Profile Link.
  • In May 2020 Between This COVID Pandemic. I Again Write Predictions For Possible Upcoming Virus. On Exact Timings, The News Flash About Two Potent Virus. Both China Originated One Is brucellosis Virus And Another One is Cat Que Virus Astrology Predictions & brucellosis Virus

Predictions For New Cat queVirus

cat que virus astrology predictions
coronavirus astrology predictions
  • Astrological Trends 2020 Planets Do Have A language They Feel Happy, Sad, Angry.
  • They Carry All The Feelings Too. And Astrology Is The Subject To Decode The Language Behaviour Of Planets.
  • Two Thousand Twenty Planets R Definitely Going To Play T 20. 2020 will start with conflict and will end in conflict.
  • As 2020 Will Grow Young Another Episode Of Recession Will Jolt The Market.
  • Good Thing is That There will Be New Opportunites Comming In Jobs Business Sector.
coronavirus astrology predictions
coronavirus astrology predictions
  • Major Conflict Antisocial Activities In Mid 2020.
  • The entire Political System Will have Retreated With Major Changes.
  • All Old Patterns Will Be changed/Replaced With New Plans/Reforms.
  • From November Onward To Mid 2020, May-June Pm Modi Will be In News Getting Greatest Fame Nd Media Hike.
  • There Can Be A Attack Of Unkown Virus That Can Cause Danger To Hundreds Of People. Or There Can be Danger To Some Other Reason.
  • End Of The Year Will Blow Gossips Of War Or Big Conflict 2021 Can be A Year OF War Or A Big Conflict.
  • Predictions applicable from now onwards

Astrology Predictions In May 2020 Referring To A New Virus Danger Now cat que virus predictions

Now Cat Que virus Astrology Predictions

We can See How Beautifully Astrology Predicted cat que virus predictions & About Possible Events Like Virus Attacks. For Coronavirus To Cat Que Virus Astrology Predictions & Bruecelosis Virus

  • As Mentioned In My Previous Post Abt The Series Of Three Eclipse Ending In T Month Of July.
  • Form There Onward Some Speedy Army Action On cards.
  • Armed Forces Will Be Ready For Any Action & Task.
  • A Long Rough And Tough Road Ahead Also Danger To Our Soldiers. From Months Of August-Sept & October – January 2021 Till June 2021.
  • News Channels & Some Astrologers Will Blow Trumpets of World War. But That Not Seems World War.
  • Yes, A Major Conflict Short-Term War Can Take Place. Seeds Of WW3 Will Be Planted During the Year 2021. But Major War Can be Only Predicted Only After the year 2022 March.
  • Year- 2020 Last Period Till Mid 2021 Good News Boost In Economy And Work Opportunites. Between April To May Danger To Politicians Celebrities & Media Personalities.
  • A second wave or a different type of virus Is On Cards after September. The Major Part Of Tensions Will Start Approx From November 2020 And January Onward.( Now Cat Que Virus )
  • There Will be Lot of Possible Tensions Disturbance Road Accidents. Fire Accidents Earthquakes Possible This Year Till End 2021.
  • There Will be some Good News For Economy Finance From End 2020Till to the Middle Of 2021. For Roundup 2021-2022 I Will Write Later

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