How ? Astrology Predicted Notable Bollywood Celebrities Death

Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions

Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions

The News After My Predictions Was not Heartwarming but Its Fact What I Had Predicted For Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions.

  • Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions How Astrology Can Predict Such Events In Past We Witness Events Like Violence anti caa Riots. Now Virus These Events Were Expected & Predicted Earlier In the previous post. So Now What Shall be The Next Portfolio For Comming Months. There Are Lot Of Perceptions About The Deadly Virus. What My Findings Are There Will be Ups and Down On virus Outbreak. But Danger Till 2021 Not Ignored.
  • Problems For Political Personalities Through Investigation Agencies & Police Department Same Problems For Bollywood Celebrities Health Problems Even Death Of Some Can Be In News Till Sept 2020

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Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions
Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions

How Astrology Can Predict Death

  • Indian Vedic Astrology can surely predict even the date and hours of the death of an individual. Death may be a transformation, a serious transformation for one`s soul. it’s a change of soul wherein it leaves one body and enters another or gets Moksha.
  • Our ancient Saints/Rishis have provided us with many quite techniques and methods to work out the longevity of an individual. The date of death is additionally predictable however astrologer must be adept find out an equivalent and therefore the horoscope must be accurate to the second.
  • I’m just highlighting the horoscope of Gandhi and explaining briefly how an astrologer checks the happening of this event.
  • It’s a post-facto analysis, and as an astrologer, we don’t ever predict beforehand to the native on his longevity, albeit an astrologer may even see it clearly within the horoscope. the reasons used below are just tip of the ice as too many complex analysis is required and employing methods to seek out the precise age.
Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions
Bollywood celebrities Death Astrology Predictions

Above is that the chart of Indira Gandhi

  • Saturn, the lord of seventh (marak house) & eighth (house of longevity) is placed at intervals the Ascendant. She was running 67th year of her age on the day she was dead ( thirtieth Oct nineteen84) simply 19 days behind the completion of 67th year. As per strategies to hunt out age, her longevity is returning at min sixty six.98 years and (Long to Medium age).
  • Now 1st lets gaze that all planets ar capable of inflicting death on the native. Lord of second and seventh house ar strongest in inflicting death. However, Sun usually do not cause this extreme circumstance and thus Saturn remains terribly sturdy marak.
  • Venus is lord of sixty fourth Navamsha from Moon additionally as Ascendant & additionally Lord of twenty-second Drekkana from Asc.
  • Hence, Venus is very sturdy Marak planet for her. Hindu deity is in sixth house conjunct with Venus and thus Hindu deity has absorbed sturdy Marak power from Venus .and
  • Hindu deity is in Mrityu Bhaag that makes Hindu deity a extremely deadly marak. 67th year aged activates the seventh house that is once more a Marak house.

Dasha Running at the time of Death

  • It may be seen that at the time of her death dasha running was Saturn / Rahu/ Rahu/ Venus. Hence, it is a prabal marak time as already explained however Saturn/Rahu/Venus ar sturdy Maraka planets which they become sturdy karaka for inflicting Death in her horoscope. second a section of Saturn dasha is powerfully issue effects of seventh house that once more is also a Marak.
  • “Whenever lord of sixty fourth Navamsha to Moon ANd Lord of twenty second Drekkana to Asc planets happen to transit some extent empty an auspicious bindu once a pair of sodhanas ar administered and if that KAKSHYA happens to be owned by transiting planets, DEATH is unavoidable”.
  • On the date of death thirty first October 1984, Venus was move at eighteen degree unit of time at Scorpion. Venus being each as qualified by Patel Saheb, is transiting its own Kakshya and at a similar purpose there is no auspicious bindu contributed by Venus. Further,
  • eight out of nine planets on thirty first October 1984 were transiting the Kakshya of those planets that havent given auspicious bindu to the transiting planet.
  • Saturn is transiting at Libra and Hindu deity is transiting in Taurus- each the signs owned by Venus. Hindu deity Venus additionally reciprocally aspecting each other in transit giving strength to Hindu deity.
  • Saturn more aspecting the Lagna. Saturn in Navamsha is transiting the Taurus navamsha that is sixty fourth Navamsha from Moon. Hence, transit wise sturdy position of the planets inflicting sturdy marak result on the native.

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