Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Top 10 Golden Rules To Follow

bhrigu nadi astrology

Introduction Bhrigu Nadi Astrology

This Post is not just another Post on Bhrigu Nadi Astrology. Where there is a prediction there is science. Astrology has shown over the last three-four thousand years that the Future of an individual could be predicted Several empirical rules were perceived and integrated into methods to achieve prediction .

In science one comes across several predictive models to accurately predict the behavior of a system like Finite Element Analysis, Response Surface Methodology, Fuzzy Logic, and Artificial Neural Network Analysis. All these methods are backed by sound mathematics which uses the data from the variables to come up with a predictive equation that quantifies the behavior of a system under consideration However, the problems dealt with are not as complex as one involving a human being.

bhrigu nadi astrology
bhrigu nadi astrology

For that, we have only Astrology which does it through time tested empirical correlations and rules. The longitudes of the planets, Sun, Moon, and the nodes (North Node or Rahu or Dragon’s Head and South Node or Ketu or Dragon’s Tail), their relative positions with respect to the earth, and their empirically attributed Nature are the salient contributors to the methods involved in predictions.

In the absence of any scientific explanation for the effects involved, which probably is not possible with our understanding of contemporary Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, Astrology, can not definitely be called a non-science. Within the Indian system itself, there are several methods of prediction. One such method is the Bhrigu Nadi Astrology system of prediction .

Important Points Golden Rules For Bhrigu Nadi Astrology

Naadi Astrology Predictive Rules

rules of the Bhrigu Nadi Astrology system are highly logical following an analytical approach where the conclusions can arrive from one to one cause and effect approach.

What is unique in this system is that a basic chart is just sufficient to predict with accurate positioning of the planet placed in the correct order in each and every sign.

bhrigu nadi astrology
bhrigu nadi astrology

Ascendant or Lagna is not that important in this method, Although the planets are always in a state of motion, the disposition of planets in a particular day or in a period of time during which there is no positional change, then the reductions should be more or less the same.

However, Naadi does not talk about the finer variations in a population of people born in a single day. The author is of the opinion that even Ascendant or Lagna cannot explain that variation.

Such finer variation can come from only the difference in the Genetic Make-up of the people born and the Environment in which they grow, rather than from the difference in the Ascendant. The concept that people born within the same configuration of planets will have more or less the same effect, is quite logical and scientific

Bhrigu Nadi Astrology
Bhrigu Nadi Astrology
  • In Bhrigu Nadi Astrology there is no concept of the ascendant. the horoscope should be Written with Aries as No. 1 i.e. the first sign Importance is given to the rotation of Jupiter stays in each sign for a period of approximately 12 years.
  • Example of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology: Jupiter in a native’s horoscope is in Aries. Hence, for all Bhrigu Nadi Astrology practical purposes, we consider Jupiter to be in Aries for a period of 12 years and its conjunction/opposition, etc.
  • with other Nine planets will determine the broad Life events in the first 12 years for the native. We only take the 7th aspect into consideration and no other aspect, which is again a Point to be remembered.

Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Great importance is given to

  • (a) the sign-in which the planet is placed
  • (b) the conjunction of the planets in Sign
  • (c) the planet which Is in conjunction in terms of its degrees;
  • (d) planets which are in the 12th house of a particular planet Under Study
  • (e) planets which are placed in the next house of the sign-in which a particular planet is placed;
  • (f) planets that are Placed opposite to the concerned planets. In Bhrigu Nadi Astrology The planet will imbibe the quality of the planets, of which it is Depositor. If Saturn is a disposition of Jupiter and mercury, it will change its character according and give ascribed results.
  • Therefore, for every 12 years, the ascendant would be the Sign where Jupiter is placed governing the event of those 12 years, and then for the next 12 years, it will be rotated in the next house, which will govern the events for the next 12 years and conforms to the indication of the prime placement.
Lets Take And Bhrigu nadi astrology Example Chart
bhrigu nadi astrology
bhrigu nadi astrology
  • Planets placed in Leo are all-powerful Venus-Mars-Sun-Mercury, with exalted Jupiter behind in Cancer and exalted Saturn and Moon in Libra.
  • With these combinations, the native should have led a prosperous life with a good position. However, the significations have indicated otherwise.
  • Exalted Jupiter in Cancer has Rahu in Sagittarius. Kodanda Rahu does have largeness and enormity associated with it.
  • It made the natives start his career well. In Leo -Mercury is associated with Ketu and Venus is associated with Saturn-Moon-Jupiter-Rahu which created havoc in his life.
  • Mars-Sun with enemies in Leo denied children to the native. Further Sun-Mars branded him as a quarrelsome person and this created troubles with the authorities.
  • His relationship with a brother is also bad. Sun in Leo gave him a Government service.
  • He was dismissed from the service in the 5th Scorpio round of Jupiter when Jupiter came opposite to Virgo in his 44th year – Jupiter-Rahu in Scorpio with Sun-
  • Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd. Hence transit Jupiter in Pisces opposite to Virgo had made the native face damage through the Mars-Moon-Rahu-Saturn sequence.
  • Venus-Mars-Mercury-Ketu trine made him fight a court case against his dismissal. He met with accidents as well.

To be Continued ..

Planets In Diffrent Signs

bhrigu nadi astrology
bhrigu nadi astrology

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