india FInance Economy War 2020-2021 Astrological Prediction

Astrological Trends 2020-2021 Astrological Predictions

Astrological Trends 2020 2021

As Mentioned In My Previous Post Abt The Series Of Three Eclipse Ending In The Month Of July Form There Onward Some Speedy Army Action Can Be Predicted Armed Forces Will Be Ready For Any Action & Task A Long Rough And Tough Road Ahead Also Danger To Our Soldiers From Months Of August -Sept OCtober And Janurary 2021 Till June 2021 -News Channels & Some Astrologers Will Blow Trumpets of World War But That Not Seems World War Yes A Major Conflict Short Term War Can Take Place -Seeds Of WW3 Can Be Planted During Year 2021 But Major War Can be Only Predicted Only After year 2022 March -Year- 2020 Last Period Till Mid 2021 Good News Boost In Economy And Work Opportunites -In Between April To May Danger To Politicians Celebrites & Media Personalies -second wave or a diffrent type of virus can also be introduced after september – The Major Part Of Tennsions Will Start Approx From November 2020 And Janurary Onward -There Will be Lot of Possible Tennsions Disturbance Road Acciddents Fire Accidents Earthquakes Possible This Year Till End 2021 -There Will be some Good News For Economy Finance From End 2020Till Mid 2021 – For Roundup 2021-2022 I Will Write Later

By Amit Kaushik

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