Astrologer Amit Kaushik

Astrologer Amit Kaushik
Astrologer Amit Kaushik

I am Astrologer Amit Kaushik, 41 years old, and was Born In a traditional Brahmin family at Sonipat (Haryana).
My Father was a Gazetted Officer Working in CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India).
My maternal Roots are from the holy city of Varanasi – the spiritual capital of India.
My maternal forefathers Late , & , holds Great respect and dignity as Head Of The Department Of Theology & Vedas and Dean Of (BHU) Banaras Hindu University.

A Diploma In Electronics & Communications Also Microsoft and Cisco Certifications enabled me to work for several reputed companies like HCL Info Systems, SAP Systems BPL Electronics.

Because of my spiritual roots & the calling of my soul, I was pulled into occultism and astrology at a very early age.

The study of Astrology, Palmistry, and numerology were my hobbies since the age of 14 years.

After spiritual realization & and some mystical experiences, at the age of 23years, I totally turned into a realization of my passion & took to Astrology as a Profession.

To date, my thirst & passion for this subject is still rock standing as it was in my childhood days.

I have learned Parashar System, Krishan Murti Paddhati (KP Astrology), Advance Stellar System, Cuspalinterlinks, And Nadi Astrology Other Methods too predict the future and blend the knowledge acquired in these systems in my professional practice By Serving National & International Clients Also Celebrities & Political Icons

By god’s & My guru Grace, I try to glorify this subject through my Mundane National & International Predictions from Time to Time. I Don’t Believe In Showcasing Purchased Certificates & Awards, My Work My Predictions Are My validations to Confirm My Work & Acquired Knowledge.

Astrologer Amit kaushik

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Devkinandan Shastri Astrologer Varanasi
My Great Guru Late Shri Devkinandan Shastri

There are not enough words in any language to describe the knowledge and personality of my My Great Guru Late Shri Devkinandan Shastri. From Kashi Varanasi The Spiritual Capital Of India. He was A gaur Bhramin Born In Rajasthan India And Settled Down in Varanasi In the early Stage Of his Life.

He does not need any formal introduction to any sincere student of Astrology in India, and no study on Astrology cannot be complete without reading his articles and books.
He was a Great Scholar of The Subject Astrology and was a Gold Medalist From Banaras Hindu University(BHU) and devoted his entire life to the glorification Practice And understanding of this vast Divine subject Astrology. He ALso Accords Three Times Gold Medal Rewarded By Ex-President Of India.

He tirelessly worked for 70 Years In the field of Astrology and knew 14 Different Languages. Master Of Ramal Shastra, Palmistry, face readings, Astrology – His personal Library has a Huge Collection Of Astrology Granthas and many rare and classical books on Astrology.

As A Family Vedic Tradition My Guruji Was a Disciple Of My Maternal Forefathers , He Learned Vedic RItuals & Also Was Conducting Vedic Rituals With Our family Chain All Around the Country.

His Predictions Was Known As A Guided Missile Which Never fails.
He was known for his pinpoint Accurate & Shocking Predictions To the Clients And Published In news Papers And Other Media Sources Time By Time.

He was also a Teacher Of Astrology and author of many famous books of Astrology and Traditional Values

Some Of His Famous Clients were Michael Jackson, American Author Ursula k.le guin, Stan Lee- American comic book writer, Pranab Mukherji – Ex-President of India, and many thousands more Politicians & Celebrities Who Seek guidance From His Words time By the time

Astrologer Late Shri Devkinandan Shastri

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