Free Number 1 Numerology 2021 Predictions

2021 numerology prediction number 1

2021 numerology prediction number 1

First Of All Learn How To Calcuate Your Personal Year Number

This year is one of the high energy which should be used. It’s ideal for beginnings of any kind and is therefore considered a year of sowing. Pause for a moment, relax, and think about what you’d like to start doing this year of number 1. There’s a good chance it’ll be successful. Isn’t it great to know the universe is on your side?

Don’t wait for things to fall into your lap. What wishes or ideas would you like to work on? Make a list and imagine that you’ve already accomplished them. It’s more effective to write them down because that way they remain in your subconscious. Start with the clearest idea, the one that excites you the most. All doors are open for you now.

In the previous year of number nine, you were supposed to get rid of burdens and end all bad relationships. If you still haven’t done so, you have time to do it now, because only if you make decisions without any burdens will success follow. What does this mean? If you’re unsatisfied at work, make some changes because you should have already done so. Be prepared to move if that was supposed to happen. Separate or divorce if you’re in a bad relationship, or get married if you wanted to do so last year but circumstances didn’t allow you to do so.

The year of number one is considered to be the most important in the nine-year cycle – what you sow now will follow you for the next nine years. That’s why you need to think carefully about everything because now you have an opportunity for a new beginning, to change your life and habits for the better.

This year will open many doors and offer you many opportunities. Be cautious and don’t rush into anything, because not all options are equally good. Let the situation develop gently like a flower, otherwise, it may be difficult to realize your plans. If you get carried away by the energy of number one and disregard advice, your ideas will fail. That’s why you need to be patient and learn to control the strong energy of number one in order to direct it properly.

This is a year when you should act as an individual, so creating new business partnerships is not recommended. Rely on yourself, and the energy of number one will give you the power to persist until the end. Be open to new meetings and acquaintances, watching things from a new perspective, and don’t be afraid of new experiences.

2021 numerology prediction number 1 Love Health career & Relationships

2021 numerology prediction number 1
2021 numerology prediction number 1

As this is a good year for beginnings, it is also good to start a relationship. Be open to new acquaintances, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities. There’s a good chance that everything you start this year will last and the person you let in will play an important role in your life, but in the end, it all depends on you. If you’re in a relationship, you may be able to move things on a higher level, which could lead to engagement or marriage. However, if you’re in an unhappy relationship, then end it, because this is something you were supposed to do last year.

2021 numerology prediction number 1 Health

You may suffer from headaches and tension. Find a way to relax. Number one brings improvements to your health, so if you’re ill, expect to be healed.

This is a year of a new beginning. Don’t live in the past. Don’t let your past hold you back in any way because you’re a new person this year. Make a list of wishes you would like to realize and think which of them brings you the most joy. Don’t be lazy, because the worst thing you could do would be to sleep through this year which could offer you so much.

2021 numerology prediction number 1 Proffesion

Positive changes are waiting for you at work. If you wish to start a new, independent job, this year is the right time. Be courageous and happiness will follow you. If you already work, this is a year when it would be good to stand out, so consider new ideas and projects.

You will have the help and support of your superiors and the feeling that you are fortune’s favorite. Listen carefully to the advice of others. If everything goes its course, you can count on a promotion, a reward, or a raise. In business terms, it’s not recommended to create partnerships – it’s better to leave this until next year. During this year, try to make it on your own, because that will give you the greatest chance of success. Your financial situation will be favorable.

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